About Us

“ Time to relax is when you don’t have time for it ”

Today with the fast paced life we all are running from pillar to post. In the hustle, we don’t realize there is something more important, “Our Health”.

Run away from pollution and busy life. Let your body breathe and detoxify. Take a break by enjoying nature at its best only at your own LXR Chalets.

LXR, so near to home was a dream come true. We had an opportunity to develop a similar kind of property in Switzerland. But due to the countries laws and limitations, the project had to take a back seat. But to our good fortune, LXR Chalets Khandala started in a swing from 2012. This property is equivalent to a spectacular view & fresh clean air just like it would be in Switzerland.

For us our customer is king and our main motto is to provide them quality in both food and services. To keep them safe from mosquitoes, we have used a special material in the building that will make the space mosquito free and thus making it family friendly.

Every cottage in LXR Chalets, is on a different level thus giving necessary privacy to each cottage and a similar cloud view right from your bed. In the rainy season you don’t need to go out to catch the fog but you will be surrounded by fog and waterfalls as soon as the room curtains are opened. Every stone used in LXR is treated individually and given pointing to enhance and beautify its look making it a one of a kind stone property. We believe in being eco-friendly and providing fresh and green environment and therefore we have 17 gardens and a huge event area at our property to host corporate events, conference meetings, birthday parties and much more. Along with gardens and event area, we also have 2 restaurants, an open and a close one.


Owner’s Words:

Our thought is to make this property a pollution less and alcohol free zone. Thus helping your body detox in the true sense.

LXR Chalets reminds me that I don’t need to spend both time and money to reach Switzerland and instead in 1 and a half hour from Mumbai I will have a similar experience. We hope to provide our customers with a unique experience through the 12 themed cottages and guarantee a pleasant and memorable stay.